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Free Comic Book Day

Continue reading “Free Comic Book Day”

Drawn 2 Life Cosplay

At Supanova Gold Coast last April, I had the amazing opportunity to talk to so many people who had put an amazing amount of effort into their cosplay costumes and outfits. Continue reading “Drawn 2 Life Cosplay”

Chronicle Press Clipping

We’re Alive Zombie Podcast Review

Weโ€™re Alive, a zombie horror podcast out of California, is written and directed by KC Wayland. Following in the steps of the War of the World type radio stories that were popular in the 1940โ€™s and 50โ€™s, this intrepid tale follows the story of three soldiers, and a small group of civilians, struggling to survive in the city of Los Angeles, during a typical zombie apocalypse. Continue reading “We’re Alive Zombie Podcast Review”

Supanova Gold Coast (also known as the day I met Paul!)

I think its fair to say that yesterday was one of the best days of my entire life. This is going to be a long one so stick with me! I would like to the team for doing such a great job, especially camera man who had the joy (or not!) of following me around all day, and taking my photo with all the random cosplay characters and celebrities that i could find!! Continue reading “Supanova Gold Coast (also known as the day I met Paul!)”

TMNT, GI: Joe & WWZ Movie News Script

Paramount pictures are at it again, delaying the release of yet another cinematic blockbuster. Continue reading “TMNT, GI: Joe & WWZ Movie News Script”

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