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Pop Culture Meetup

Ep. 17 ~ 16 Mar 18 – Pop Culture Meetup

New Gods gets a director, Jessica Jones 2 non-spoiler reviews, missing Stephen Hawking, Superman LIVES… well, Nick Cage is Superman in Teen Titans Go! movie, celebrating Sy Barry’s 90th birthday (long-time phantom artist!), hello to new friends from across the globe, & Nat chats about his current work – reprinting the bush ranger ‘Bold Ben Hall’ comics!!

Thanks to Jeremy, Jacob, Ray, Tess, Oliver & Nat Karmichael (and everyone in the audience/those who came to the meetup!) for joining us!! Continue reading “Ep. 17 ~ 16 Mar 18 – Pop Culture Meetup”

Ep. 11 ~ Fri 16 Feb 18 ~ Pop Culture Meetup

Join the gang from the monthly pop culture meetup at Brisbane Square Library (Dr Paul, Brad, Tess, Michel, Jeremy, Jacob, & Oliver) as they break down the weekly pop culture news! Chatting Westworld, Monkey Magic, Black Panther, Deadpool, Han Solo, & Lemony Snicket!! (Spoilers)

Since (Amanda) was away sick, Paul seemed to have lost total control in places so there were a few cuts, a lot of people talking over each other (manners people!), and several conversations happening at once (oops). But, all in all, fun times! Haha. Let’s do it again next month!

Continue reading “Ep. 11 ~ Fri 16 Feb 18 ~ Pop Culture Meetup”

Ep. 3 ~ Fri 19 Jan 18 ~ Pop Culture Meetup

Fri 19 Jan 2018 – Brisbane Square Library Pop Culture Meetup Group! How they got started in comics, why they come along, and why they keep coming back!! Also Disney, Venom & Creed 2 news! Featuring:ย  Bryce, Jacob, Jeremy, Emma, Tess, Brad, Sean, Paul & Amanda!


Monthly pop culture meetups continue
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(5-7pm, Tiered Theatrette, Ground Floor Brisbane Square Library)

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