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Bird Bites

Hobbit Holiday ~ Day 4 ~ Lake Taupo

Springtime Gardening with the Chooks!!

Cataract George Reserve, Launceston – Flora & Fauna

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo Hide-Out Found! – Tasmania Holiday

South Esk River & Devonport Birdwatching – Tasmania Holiday

Backyard lushness 

 Other side of the river chums

Cloudy day walks

Common blackbird.

Who you callin common?!

Selfie by the trees

Very ‘The Shire’buckleberry ferry!!

chased this jerk around for 10mins and this was the best pic I got >_> don’t even know what it is… some type of wren or finch?

This guy was up on a electricity wire singing his little heart out โค๏ธso cute!! No idea what he is.gulls

Water bird of some description…

cute gull

Stone House Tasmanian Holiday Photos

Looks at this angry little muppet!! Fantail wren <3

Pretty lady over looking the rose garden and river.

Noose tree!!!!!

Comic Book Chuck Tributes by Paul

On the 23rd of April 2015, my partner lost her special friend “Chuckie”. He had become someone special to me as well, a personality like no other. The loss hit us very hard. I had the opportunity to contribute to Comicoz‘s ‘Australia!’ anthology last year, which was created to raise money for Beyond Blue; and since Chuckie assisted the fight against depression on a day-to-day basis, and was a “supervisor” on later issues of ‘The Soldier Legacy’, I was compelled to bring him into ‘Soldier’ continuity too. A cheeky character on and off the pages, he was our little Aussie hero, and we miss him greatly, every day.

Rest in peace, Chuckie. ~Paul13048102_1035509966537126_7146494042570758502_o

North Brisbane Bird Sale 2016

Many faces of Rocco the Gang Gang Cockatoo


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