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Auxiliary Adventures

St Paul’s State School Under 8’s Day


Wear Orange Wednesday for volunteer week celebrating everything SES with our new STORM HOUSE resources!! #WOWDay

Mini Golf Team Building Night

Helped organise a mini golf team building night for my fellow Brisbane Northern SES Group people! Hope everyone had fun doing the tap tap tapping ☺️🧡⛳️⚡️ #PutterSelfie #StolenGolfBallSelfie

Stafford City Shopping Centre Fundraiser

Tin rattle AM shift crew! Raising money for our Brisbane Northern SES Group Support Club so we can do fun training activities and fund the resources we need to function operationally 🧡

Annual Flood Boat Training

Splish splash training at SES tonight ~ Flood boat familiarisation, put a life jacket on in the water, did some full PPE laps, and then learnt how to use a back board to pull someone out! Trainers really out did themselves 🧡 #yachtsoffun #whateverfloatsyaboat #keepingitreel 🌊👩🏼‍🚒⛵️ ~ 📸 by Christy Ccg & Nicole

New Years Eve 2019

Pretty cool to be working in the same building that my Poppa Lionel used to work in when he was a police inspector!! SES radio operator for the New Years Eve celebrations in Brisbane City 🎙🎉 Just watched the 8.30pm fireworks from multiple angles on big screens 😍🎆🎉🧡

Training Experience: Brisbane City Council Local Disaster Coordination Centre Earthquake Scenario Exercise ~ Observer/SES Liasion Officer

5 Day SES Deployment ~ Deepwater/Baffle Creek Bushfires QLD


Halloween Landsearch – Intergroup Exercise

Nudgee Boat Ramp. Radio Operator in IMT.

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