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Australian Comic Arts Festival 2016 & 2018

Ep. 15 ~ Pitching Comics for Film w/Movie Producer, Robbie Miles ~ ACAF 2018 Panel

Australian Comic Arts Festival ~ Q&A Panel discussing the film and comic book industries, genre, tropes, how to get projects considered for film/submission, materials, who to talk to, budgets, a few of the stories he has/is making for film, project/story management/development, tag lines & pitching, finding the right people for the right projects & relationship building, book adaptation examples, character development, stereotypical examples of what to stay away from, literary agents, screenwriting, and much, much more. Quality, informative, and inspiring information for anyone looking to get started!!

With artist – Nicola Scott, and writer – Andrew Constant, also providing insight!

If you have a follow up question, please contact Robbie via LinkedIn:


Ep. 13 ~ ACAF Kid Phantom Panel

Australian Comic Arts Festival (ACAF) Kid Phantom Q&A panel that turned into a casual chat/podcast on Sunday 11 Feb 2018…

Who was there:  Dr. Paul Mason (Artist), Andrew Constant (Writer – not murdered!), Glenn Ford (Frew Publishing), Robbie Miles (Producer/Fan), Antonio DiDio (Fan/Emotional Support Officer), Trevor Clark (Fan), Luke Geaghan (Fan) & Amanda Bacchi (Moderator)… and several other unheard audience members!!!

What we discussed:
– The ‘Comics for Kids’ panel earlier in the day
– The success that has been the first 3 Kid Phantom issues
– Background into the writing and art of the book
– How the stories have been set up and how/why
– Influences
– Costume drawing
– A little history of kids comics (internationally speaking), engaging with a young audience
– Popularity and differences in the different models of distribution: subscription, newsagent & comic book shop
– What the fans are looking forward to!!

Ep. 12 ~ 20 Feb 18 ~ Zombie Survival Chats at ACAF

As we sat in the drawing room at the Australian Comic Arts Festival, the topic soon turned to zombies and survival (AKA why the kids in The Walking Dead are doing it all wrong). Politics were discussed, as were tanks, our own strategies, and a few of the different comic book/tv takes on the issue. Christian Read will probably be ok in his mountain lair, Paul and I are joining the boys from his Thai kickboxing gym who catch fish in the Brisbane River from bows and arrows they make themselves, and joining us at the end there was Trevor Clark… not sure where you are from sir, but god speed!
*The name of the BBC zombie show we couldn’t remember was ‘In The Flesh’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading “Ep. 12 ~ 20 Feb 18 ~ Zombie Survival Chats at ACAF”

Ep. 9 ~ 12 Feb 18 ~ ACAF Debrief w/Nicola Scott & Gary Chaloner

Australian Comic Arts Festival debrief with Nicola Scott & Gary Chaloner, recorded while waiting for the National Gallery to open on Monday morning!

Discussion about the best features of the festival, the relaxed and engaging nature of the content/panels, and the future of the Australian comic book industry. Building community, bringing together the leaders of our industry, celebrating skills and collaboration.



Ep. 8 ~12 Feb 18 ~Pop Culture News w/Andrew Constant ~ ACAF Guest

A post-ACAF, very sleepy, Amanda & Dr. Paul are joined by comic book writer Andrew Constant for a chat about Mission Impossible, Star Trek: Discovery, Tarantino films, the Dundee movie/advertising revelations, & the Deadpool/Cable movie trailer!

Ep. 7 – 10 Feb 18 ~ Pop Culture News w/ACAF Guests

Join Amanda and Dr Paul for the weekly top-voted news, coming to you from the secret portfolio room at the Australia Comic Arts Festival in Canberra. Joined by fellow pop culture enthusiasts, creators, and good mates – Christian Read (Writer, Gestalt Comics), Glenn Ford (Editor, Frew Publications), & Robbie Miles (Producer, Mythmaker Media). Much fun! Continue reading “Ep. 7 – 10 Feb 18 ~ Pop Culture News w/ACAF Guests”

Australian Comic Arts Festival 2018 Info/Schedule/Guests

9-11 February 2018, Canberra

ACAF is about comics, comic artists, comic writers, comic fans and any one wanting to be involved in comics! Learn about the industry, techniques and honing your craft, publishing and how to get published, how to pitch and so much more. Even better, come and see your favourite Australian Comics Artists in the flesh.

The ACAF program features an Academic Conference, Documentary Screening, a series of Professional Development Workshops and Masterclasses, Drawing Room with experienced comic artists as Wandering Mentors, Portfolio Reviews, Artists Alley, Panels, and a Launch Pad Cocktail Function to see all things new in Comics. Continue reading “Australian Comic Arts Festival 2018 Info/Schedule/Guests”

National Library of Australia Blog Mention

The wonderful staff at the National Library of Australia have outdone themselves with this fantastic write-up of the Australian Comic Arts festival last Feburary. Although the library I work in has an extensive graphic novel collection, it is not often that I have the opportunity to interact with fellow librarians who share my intense passion for the medium. Finding librarians who truly understand (or want to understand) the ins and out of the Australian and international comic book industry, and the challenges that creators and librarians face, is a rare honour indeed.

As I was moderating other panels, I’m disappointed to say that I was unable to attend the library focused workshops provided by the brilliant Sydney based librarians Karen Dwarte and Alex Hammond. It was, however, great to see such a comprehensive write up in the NLA blog regarding not only the issues faced by collections teams, but also in providing some understanding and reason to comic creators who may want to connect, or distribute their work via library systems. They were spot on in saying that libraries are really looking for content across all age and reading levels, that is of value to the community, and that it is easier for them to loan graphic novels/trades rather than single issues due to shelf-life/damage issues. (hope I got that right!)

It was also interesting to read more about the NLA collection process for Legal Deposit; although I must point out, that in saying that Paul’s comics won’t ever be reprinted, they are referring to copies of the earlier single issues and one-shots only, not newer versions of ‘The Soldier Legacy’ or other work. This series was recently given an upgrade into 2 trades (as they are more popular), making the single issues limited edition, until sold out at conventions.

Big thank you to the National Library of Australia for taking Paul and I on such an amazing behind the scenes tour, for taking the time to chat about old back issues and their amazing work in comic book preservation, and for giving us a mention in the write-up below also (I’m not worthy!). It gave me excellent bragging rights at work ๐Ÿ™‚

To read the full NLA blog post, click here:

Alien Exchange: ‘Art of Tristan Jones’ Panel Recap

Well-deserved praise is rolling in for Tristan Jonesโ€™ comic work on his dream project, Alien: Defiance, yet he refuses to call himself an artist. During his โ€˜Art of Tristan Jonesโ€™ panel at last weekendโ€™s Australian Comic Arts Festival in Canberra, he shared some stories about the process of working with major studios and licensed properties, his love of the Alien franchise, speaking to Ridley Scott though representatives, artistic process on the book, and struggles with comic store communication. Continue reading “Alien Exchange: ‘Art of Tristan Jones’ Panel Recap”

Comics Writing to Drawing: Tristan Jones Panel Chat

Sitting down for a relaxed โ€˜In Conversationโ€™ panel at last weekendโ€™s Australian Comic Arts Festival in Canberra, we spoke about Tristan’s origins in film and tv, his transition from writing to art, working on licensed properties, online journalism, Aussie cultural cringe in comics, and, of course, his latest work. Continue reading “Comics Writing to Drawing: Tristan Jones Panel Chat”

ABC National News Story for ACAF

National Comic Arts Festival: Artists tackle subjects like depression, war history in their work


Continue reading “ABC National News Story for ACAF”

Aussie Comic Book Secrets Revealed at ACAF

There seems to have been some trepidation from some comic fans in taking a chance on a ‘first-time’ event, fears which have proven to be completely unfounded. While the numbers were slightly lower than expected, what the attendees lacked in volume, they make up for in enthusiasm and passion. They had a willingness to utilise the festival’s unique opportunities to absorb as much of the knowledge that decades of good, bad and ugly experience had bestowed upon the plethora of artists and writers in residence. While I did not make it to a lot of panels (as I was hosting in other areas), the snippets of the few I was able to sit in on were well researched and informative, with feedback from participants being highly positive.ย  Continue reading “Aussie Comic Book Secrets Revealed at ACAF”

Mark Sexton: Panel 1 of 2 – Origins

From Mad Max to Star Wars, the extensive storyboarding career of Mark Sexton is a delicious wonder, considering his formative years without tv or cinema, growing up on ย the isolated Norfolk Island. While most kids grew up going to comic shops and enjoying the popularity of superheroes, Markโ€™s introduction came through Asterix comics shipped in by his Dad, obscure kids book โ€˜Ant and Beeโ€™ by Angela Banner, and Pink Floydโ€™s โ€˜Muddleโ€™ from his mum. It was these items that helped form the character โ€˜Bugโ€™, and cemented his career in the comic arts โ€“ if you were ever looking for his horcruxesโ€ฆ. I caught his โ€˜Art of Mark Sextonโ€™ panel at the Australian Comic Arts Festival in Canberra and tried to transcribe some of his extraordinary career.. Continue reading “Mark Sexton: Panel 1 of 2 – Origins”

In Conversation with Mark Sexton – Promo

Amanda Bacchi joins Mark Sexton in a relaxed, wide-ranging conversation about his career working in comics such as Mad Max and Judge Dredd, and storyboarding movies such as Dark City, Happy Feet, Star Wars (Ep II) and recently, Mad Max: Fury Road. Thereโ€™s sure to be some industry gossip in all that!

Also, did his early career choice in genetics give him any insight into his creations? Perhaps Bug and Stump are actually real mutations cooked up in a secret lab somewhere in the Blue Mountains, and his comics were actually documentaries? The TISM comic was certainly true to life, surely! Continue reading “In Conversation with Mark Sexton – Promo”

In Conversation with Tristan Jones – Promo

Amanda Bacchi joins Tristan Jones in a relaxed, wide-ranging conversation about his career as a gun artist for such titles as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Mad Max: Fury Road and now, Aliens. Find out what he enjoys about drawing these iconic characters, what he listens to while drawing, does he even have a life outside of comics? Is it as glamorous as one might imagine? Continue reading “In Conversation with Tristan Jones – Promo”

The Americans are Coming – Promo

One of the (if not the only) ways to make a living doing comics in Australia is to do work for hire, especially for DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW among many. But how do you break into it from here? Whatโ€™s it like to work for them; is one company better than another; are there any perks, lurks, demerits?

Join Amanda Bacchi as she has a conversation with Mark Sexton, Tristan Jones and Ryan Lindsay, whoโ€™ve all managed this feat. It promises to be fearless, frank and funny. Continue reading “The Americans are Coming – Promo”

Program – Canberra, 20th-21st Feb 2016

Learning, Earning and Life as a Comic Artist

Day One features a mix of master classes, workshops, and panel sessions focusing on the professional development of Australian Comic Creators, from both a skilling-up perspective as well as developing and deepening the understanding of avenues for publishing, printing, marketing, selling and distributing their work. For aspiring artists, writers and fans there are also sessions on story telling, developing comic creation skills and breaking into the industry.ย There will be networking opportunities, portfolio evaluations, and exploring best practice in collaborative studio arrangements. ย Finishing off the day will be drinks and celebrations including the launch of at least two books by talented Australian Artists: Continue reading “Program – Canberra, 20th-21st Feb 2016”

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